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Are you a recent or soon to be College Graduate who’s still trying to figure out your next move?  If you’re looking to start a career that provides you with growth, flexibility, and a nice paycheck, then you’re in the right place. At Tech Talent South, we’ll connect you with opportunities on some of the top technical teams, no prior technical experience needed. To make sure you’re up for whatever roles come your way, you’ll have the opportunity to build your technical skill set for free in our Graduate Accelerator Program (GAP).

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A few examples of places our alumni work as developers:

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Watch how Lowe's Home Improvement partners with TTS to satisfy their talent needs.

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We've got the people.

Tech Talent South people are everywhere. You can scope them out in your community by looking for folks who are approachable, resourceful and always looking for growth opportunities.

Bottom line: This community of people is hands-down most dedicated to seeing the talent from TTS programs get to their goals. Think you have what it takes to join us?

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Tech Talent South is a female-led tech education company that builds and connects tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems.  Rooted in community and humility, TTS creates immersive and inclusive experiences for both individuals and our corporate partners.  The main value that we boast: Our incredibly close-knit community of tech professionals, innovators, and employers.  We operate in 12 cities, have trained over 5000 individuals, and have written over 4,192,812 lines of code. 




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